Richard Buckley is the Director of Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Laboratory. He received his BS in Entomology and Plant Pathology from the University of Delaware and an MS in Turfgrass Pathology from Rutgers University. Mr. Buckley is an instructor in the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School and Rutgers Department of Pathology and Plant Science. He teaches courses in diseases and insect pests of turfgrass and ornamental plants. He is also a frequent lecturer and invited speaker on disease and insect pest problems in turf and ornamentals, plant problem solving, and pest management techniques.

INSECTS THAT SUCK! Modern Concepts in Scale Management for the Landscape and Nursery

Rich Buckley, Director - Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Lab, Rutgers University

DESCRIPTION:  Scale insects are routinely encountered on samples submitted to the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory at Rutgers. These silent killers sneak up on plant managers and can cause significant problems for many plants when left unchecked. Not only are these critters hard to identify, but they are also hard to control. This 60 minute lecture covers several common armored and soft scales encountered in New Jersey. Proper identification, scale biology, scouting techniques, and least toxic control options will be discussed with a strong emphasis on proper Integrated Pest Management practice .