• 40+ years in the Turf & Ornamental Industry.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in 74’ from Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
  • Started in the Industry with Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance with Johnson & Johnson as our primary customer.
  • 13 years in the Liquid Fertilizer Industry, starting as a custom applicator (+55,000 acres), moving to Sales and Trouble-shooting. Emphasis on Turf & Ornamental, as well as Agriculture.
  • Retired from PBI Gordon after 20+ years as a Territory Manager covering at any given time, from Virginia to Maine.
  • Spend approximately 4 months of my year; educating Professionals in our Industry how to properly apply Pesticides. I teach education seminars throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. In many instances these sessions are through the State Universities.
  • Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator in New Jersey, and New York State.
  • Have served on numerous Industry Organizations including the Plant Food Education Society, which later merged with the Pesticide Association of New Jersey, to become the New Jersey Agribusiness Association. (Served 2 years as their President.)
  • Served as the President of the New Jersey Green Industry Council, as well as the Education Committee Chair.

Right-of-Way and Lawncare Weed Identification and Controls

John Patten

DESCRIPTION:  Topics to be covered:

  • Weed Identification (Broadleaf Weeds)
  • Broadleaf Winter Weeds / Broadleaf Summer Weeds.
  • Annuals / Biennials / Perennial. * Post-emergent versus Pre-emergent.
  • Tough to control weeds in the Mid-Atlantic States.
  • Active Ingredients; their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The changing look of commercial herbicides. From single components, to three- ways, to four ways, to custom mixing.
  • Changes in the pesticide labels.
  • Changes coming from the EPA / DEP.
  • New Products.
  • Weed control scenarios.
  • Group participation